Pressure Washing

  • Pressure washing house
    Power washing wood siding on a home in Jacksonville

Kelly Lawn & Property Maintenance doesn’t mind getting a little wet on occasion. To be honest, we like it, especially during Florida’s sweltering hot summers. What we enjoy even more is the difference that a much needed pressure washing makes. If your driveway has slowly turned dark with mildew over the past year or more, we can restore it to that vibrant color it was when installed. We safely and carefully pressure wash driveways, side walks, houses, decks and more. We can also include annual pressure washing with any of our lawn care packages. To inquire, call us at 904-263-8288 or use our handy contact form.

Pressure Washing Samples

Sidewalk & Driveway

pressure washing walkway
Pressure washing a very dirty driveway and walkway in Fleming Island

Driveway Overdue

treating driveway
Power washing a driveway, walkway and sidewalk in Oakleaf

Dirty House

before pressure washing
Pressure washing entire house, including gutters and eaves in Jacksonville

 Pool Deck

cleaning pool deck
Pressure washing a pool deck in Fleming Island

Two Story House

power washing two story house
Power washing a two story house in Oakleaf