• mulch around a/c unit
    Red mulch installed at a home on the St. Johns river

Nothing accents a nice looking lawn more than fresh mulch. If you currently do not have mulch in your beds or if your mulch has deteriorated over time, we can vastly improve the curb appeal of your property by mulching your beds. Inquire about including mulch as part of your annual lawn care package.

Benefits of Mulching

In addition to the aesthetic improvement mulch provides, there are also other benefits that you and your plants will enjoy. Mulch helps to prevent unsightly weeds from sprouting up and stealing nutrients from your flowers and hedges. Another great benefit is that mulch will retain moisture from the soil and prevent it from evaporating, thus protecting your plants from drying out during a period of drought. Furthermore, mulch will act as a layer of insulation and prevent plants roots from undergoing extreme changes in temperature during those times when Florida temperatures tend to fluctuate greatly. You really can’t go wrong by mulching unless it is done improperly. Give us a call today at 904-263-8288, we do mulch for cheap!

Mulching Samples

Red Mulch

bright red mulch
Preparing beds and installing mulch at a home on the St. Johns River

New Mulch

new mulch
Mulching the front of a home in Fleming Island for new tenant

 Clean Up and Mulch

weeded bed
Removing weeds from flower beds and adding new red mulch in Fleming Island