Clean Ups

  • vines and weeds in hedges
    Vines and weeds cleaned out of beds and off of house

Have a mess that seems too daunting to attempt cleaning up on your own? Kelly Lawn & Property Maintenance loves to do clean ups. Give us a call  at 904-263-8288 and we’ll clean it up for you!

Overgrown Lawn?

Maybe you went out of town for a couple months during the summer and remembered everything except to have someone care for your lawn while you were away. Or maybe you were renting your home and your tenants had a serious aversion to yard work. Regardless of the cause, Kelly Lawn & Property Maintenance can be the solution you are looking for. We’ll turn that jungle back into a respectable looking lawn again.

Leaf Clean Up?

Leaves are great when they are providing shade, but once they fall and cover your lawn they become a bit of a nuisance. Fallen leaves prevent sunlight from reaching your grass and they also create a very humid environment which is conducive to the growth of fungus and disease. Don’t jeopardize the health of that beautiful lawn by letting those leaves sit there all winter long. We can remove the leaves or we can mulch them into a fine powder which will easily decompose and provide nutrients for your soil and your turf.

Pre-Move-In Clean Ups

If you’re a property manager or real estate company who frequently needs properties cleaned up before new tenants arrive or before selling a house, please give Kelly Lawn & Property Maintenance a call at 904-263-8288. We do high quality work for very reasonable prices. We always haul away junk and lawn debris and never pile it up by the side of the road for a potential renter to see or for a passerby to associate with your company.

Clean Up Samples

Abandoned Property

clean up of abandoned property
Clean up of an abandoned property in the Town of Orange Park

Bad Weeds

bad weeds in flower bed
Removing the weeds from a flower bed

Way Overgrown

over grown lawn clean up
Cleaning up an overgrown property in Middleburg

Tall Grass

tall grass clean up
Cleaning up a property that had been neglected for months

Roof and Lawn Clean Up

straw on roof
Clearing off a thick layer of pine straw from roof and yard clean up